Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creepypasta #1:Yoshi's Island: Good Night

I'm sitting next to a fire, burning a yoshi's island cartridge, saying to myself with a scared expression on my face, "good night, yoshi's island". You're most likely wondering to yourself, "good night? Yoshi's island!?". Well, it's a long story but it's a need-to-read for any yoshi's island player. I've encountered a strange and scary cartridge of the famous "cute and amazing" yoshi's island, and I'm here to warn you, do not take any game found laying on your porch.

My story begins at 11:14 p.m., i'm home alone and I am watching TV, thinking about what game to play on my snes, when I hear a knock on the door. I go and answer the door but the only thing I see is a yoshi's island cartridge. I also see a little 9 year old girl walking down the middle of the road, looking at me while walking left. I just think it's some random thing and I go back inside to play my new copy of yoshi's island. Only one thing is wrong, the snes cartridge has all of this writing on it. Things like: "I wonder..." and "104" and "when done playing thy game, don't keep, destroy it. You will be safe". That last statement gave me a little wondered spot in my mind. "Why would I give yoshi's island away after beating it?" I said to myself as I play it. I did notice one thing different about the game, yoshi had a scared face during the whole game, and all of yoshi's noises he makes were not there. And whenever I would die the screen showed "good night". At 3:29 a.m. I finally deafeated yoshi's island and I was tired so I decided to go to bed. I turned off my snes and I heard of very faint sad yoshi say: "good night" in my living room.

The next morning at 11:32 a.m. I woke up and decided to replay some levels in yoshi's island. I plopped it in at started playing it, all of a sudden I started smelling burnt plastic. Smoke was coming out of my snes and blew into small flames. I quickly poured water on it and got rid of the flames. My snes, black and burned, was now broken. Then I noticed, the cartridge made the system lite on fire, but the cartridge was in perfect condition. With no snes to play the game on, I went to my friends house to play it there. Later at night, 9:28 p.m., we decided to play yoshi's island. The game starts up and right away it goes to the first level, it's all black and white, yoshi is scared, baby Mario is holding on for dear life on yoshi, all the enemies are scared too. I go up to one and talk to them and all they say is: "104...don't, please", all of them say this. Me and my friend start to wonder about what's going on and then suddenly the music blasted on, nearly blowing our eardrums out. The music sounded like the super Mario world theme but backwords, and there was also static playing with every beat to the messed up song. We turned the volume down and then we completed the level. Yoshi was terrified by something, he was shaking about something.

We decided to play a really hard level to see if we can beat it and boy was it hard. I died about 100 times before I message box appeared and said, "exit the level now". I didn't follow the orders of the game and played the level again and I died. This time the message box came back and said, "I warned you once, LEAVE NOW". Once again, not following the orders of the game, I played the level again. But this time yoshi was missing an eye, drips of blood coming from where is eye was. A message box from yoshi said, "please follow her orders, it will be good for both of us". Me and my friend started to get worried, but we kept on playing. This time I did the level again, but slowly to make sure I would not die. I died by a wrecking ball which had yoshi's eye on it. The game popped up another message box saying, "WHAT DID I TELL YOU. GET OUT NOW OR YOUR GOING TO REGRET IT." Not following the orders once again, I played the level, this time yoshi was missing an arm.

I died 2 more times and the game pulled up another message box saying, "I WARNED YOU THREE TIMES AND YOU DID NOT LISTEN". All of a sudden something was knocking on the door really hard. Right when the door knocked the TV showed a picture of my friend chained to a bed, his legs were completey off and his arms, half off. Blood was everywhere, organs were on the floor, his heart was ripped in half and was right next to his dead body. His belly was completely ripped open and with his blood, a message was written on the wall saying: "YOU DID THIS". Also the picture was taking by a little girl due to a little shawdow of a person in the room right In front of him. We nearly puked at the sight of it. After 3 seconds of the photo on screen the TV lit on fire. The knocks were now really loud at the door so I went and answered it. When I opened the door nothing was there, at least not outside. All of a sudden a herd a really loud blood curling screen, I quickly ran to my friend. He was laying on the floor, he looked like the same thing from the picture we saw just without the bed. There was yoshi dolls all around him, everyone of them with eyes, ears, and bellys all ripped open or torn off. There was real blood coming from them, all with very sad faces on. I puked at the sight and nearly peed myself of scareness. All I can hear my friend say was, "good night". I looked at the TV screen and I picture of me was on there now. Written in blood a message said, "YOUR NEXT".

I quickly got the yoshi's island cartridge quickly ran home in the dark ,nearly scared to death, running as fast as I can. When I finally got home the cartridge had bloody sad yoshis on it. My front door was being knocked hard, the TV was flipping out showing messages like, "YOU HAVE NO HOPE""YOU DIE NOW""GO TO BLOODY HELL NOW" all in blood. Then I was so scared I threw the game at the wall and it completely shattered. I heard a loud girl screen outside and it made me death for 5 seconds. All my windows shattered and then, it was quite. The TV turned back to normal with the weather. What was weird is that when the cartridge shattered a little smoke came out of it and there was no circuit boards in it. Then something taped my shoulder and in a little girl voice I heard, "I'm not done". I turned around and then I completely blacked out.

The next morning I woke up in a hospital. I have scratch marks all over me and I can barely move. My parents come in and say that I'm going to be all right. A cop came and said that they found me laying on the floor in my house after several neighbors called and complained about loud noises at my house that night. 9 days later I'm out of the hospital and I'm feeling better, I burned the cartridge last night to fully get rid of it. But I think its still there... I feel like I'm being watched now ever since the whole yoshi island thing happened. Everyday I look somewhere and for a split second I see a 9 year old girl looking at me. She is also holding a little yoshi doll with her. The yoshi doll is missing it's eye, but is replaced by my friends eye, all bloody and horrible to look at.

2 months later, I watched the news and a story caught my eye in attention: "Today a 13 year old girl dies today after getting her eye cut out and her arm ripped off. Her belly was also ripped open revealing that her heart is missing. The only thing recovered at the crime scene is an eyeless yoshi doll".

NOTE: *This is my first creepypasta so please no hate! Please comment about this story of your opinion on what I could improve and I will try to improve my future creepypastas.*

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